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Top Twitch Female Streamers

As Twitch streamers, we know there are a lot of opportunities available on the platform that allow us to get famous and start earning from it. In addition, there is a massive amount of male streamers on the platform that is making a lot of benefits and success to attract most of the audience on the platform. At the same time, many of us don’t know how many female streamers are making out their way to be successful streamers and grabbing the most amount of audience on their streams. In addition, most of the brands promote their product or services through promotion on top streamers on Twitch. Promoting brands and their product and services is a great way to earn. To boost the accessibility of the audience, brands reached the top Twitch female streamers.

So that they can be noticed by the millions of users on the platform and boost their sales. If you are looking for the top female Twitch streamers to promote your brand or product, or services, this blog will lead you to that information. This blog will show you the top female streamers on the Twitch streaming platform so that you can decide on and promote your product or services.

Top Twitch Female Streamers

Females are getting more popular on Twitch as many female streamers are creating content on the platform. In this section of our discussion, we will discuss the top female streamers on Twitch so that you can inspire by them and start your streaming journey as a female streamer on Twitch.

The First- Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth

Amouranth streamer

When we come to talk about the top Twitch female streamers, Amouranth comes to the first spot. Kaitlyn has more than 82 thousand viewers monthly. She has successfully made 32.2 million watch times on Twitch. These attributes enable her to get the place to be at the top of the list of top female streamers on the Twitch streaming platform. In addition, she also gets successfully grabbed a place among the six most-watched streamers in 2023, with the most followers-up attribute of about 1.24 million.

The Second – Ironmouse

Ironmouse streamer

The second female that is successful to get the spot among the top female streamers on Twitch is Ironmouse, with over 20.5 million watch time on Twitch. The content is kind of amazing and liked by the millions of users on the Twitch streaming platform. Ironmouse also wins the title of Twitch VTuber leader due to its insane amount of viewers and watch time on her Twitch videos.

The Third – QTCinderella

QTCinderella streamer

When it comes to getting a peak viewership on streams as a female streamer on the Twitch streaming platform, QTCinderella comes at the top of the list. She succeeded in gathering more than 318 thousand viewers on her Twitch stream. There are many top females that have succeeded in getting 100K viewers on their streams at maximum. The QTChinderella goes more than the other female streamers on the Twitch streaming platform. She successfully got 143K viewers on her stream last year and made first place in the race of female streamers with immense viewership on their streams.

The Fourth – NimuVT

The Twitch streamer who succeeded in hosting the most watched broadcasts in 2023 on the Twitch streaming platform with over eighty-seven peak viewership, NimuVT, a VTuber, grabbed her spot among the top Twitch female streamers. She has a unique style of streaming on Twitch which makes her famous across the platform. On a mysterious stream named Some Changes, she announced her divorce from her abusive husband, and after that news, the stream gets an immense viewership.

Fifth – AriGamePlays

AriGamePlays streamer

Do you know the female Twitch streamer who gain the most followers-up for her account? Well, the one and only AriGamePlays! She gets successful to become the leader of the streamers who get more followers for their accounts, and that thing makes them more popular across the platform. AriGamePlays get more than 2.5 million followers for her account in the year 2023, and after her, another Twitch streamer comes on the second spot with a follower count of 2.1 million, the rivers_gg. You might be thinking what will be the reason to grab such a huge amount of followers for them? To clarify the matter, let me tell you that they get this many followers after participating in Twitch Rivals Squidcraft Games. After participating in that contest, they get a boost in their follower count and make a prominent spot on the Twitch streaming platform.

The Most Viewers-Gained Streamer – LittleBigWhale

LittleBigWhale streamer

In the list of top Twitch female streamers that successfully gain the title of most-gained viewership peak on their streams, LittleBigWhale, the ambassador of Vitality, comes at the top spot. She made a broadcast in 2023, named Z Event 2023, and successfully gain a viewer peak of eighty-nine thousand viewers. The second top female Twitch streamer who get successful to gain the second-most viewers peak with over 57.8K viewers and that number put her in the second spot among the most popular female streamers on Twitch that gain the most viewerships on their streams.

On the other hand, did you know who get the most followers in 2023 after the rivers_gg? Well, the one and only, Nadia, a newbie came on the platform, and in a short time, she gets that much success on the Twitch streaming platform. She successfully gains followers with a number of 508K.


In the above discussion on the top Twitch female streamers, we can conclude that so many women are making content on different topics and getting famous nowadays. If you are thinking of starting a streaming career on the Twitch streaming platform as a female, this is the right time. You can stand out among the most famous Twitch female streamers with the right content, scheduled streaming, and consistency. So, read this blog to get inspired by the other female streamers on Twitch.

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