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How to Hide Chat on Twitch?

We all know Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming applications. That allows users to interact with millions of people around the world. It is standard research that people say that Twitch is an amazing platform and when you involve the audience in chat, this becomes an outstanding experience. In addition, having the ability to interact with the users that watch your stream is also an entertaining activity. It allows you to get the opinions of your Twitch subscribers and initiate according to them. Generally, the experience of chatting with the audience in a Twitch chat room is amazing but some people ruin it sometimes! At that time you must know how to hide chat on Twitch so that things get easy for you on live streaming.

In this discussion, we will discuss all the essential knowledge about hiding chat on the Twitch streaming platform. Moreover, we will also find out how to do that with mobile and desktop both. So, let us start to make things easy for us with a brief discussion on this matter.

How to Hide Chat on Twitch on Desktop?

There are some times when you are watching one of your favorite content creator streams on Twitch, the chat starts to get toxic which bothers you. What will be your priority at that time? Would you rather face that or want to enjoy your favorite Twitch streamer streaming? Well, obviously you will choose to shut the chat up. Thanks to the Twitch platform that allows you to do so at ease whether you are a random user or a content creator. In addition, from desktop and mobile, you can hide chat at ease. In this section of our discussion, we will discuss how to hide chat on Twitch on a desktop. So, let us start to make it clear for us to understand that matter easily.

Open the Twitch App

The first thing comes first and that is to log in to your Twitch streaming account and proceed.

Open Your Streaming Channel

The second step is to go to your favorite streamer channel so that you can hide the chat from the streaming video.

Hide The Streaming

After going to your favorite streaming channel, you will see the chat feature on the right-hand side of your screen. There, you will find out a chat option, and also, you will find out the options for it. From there, open the chat settings so that you can get the hide button. After opening that setting, you will be able to hide the chat on Twitch streaming. Select the Hide Chat option and you are done with hiding chat from your streaming screen on the desktop.

From the above simple steps, you can easily find out how to hide chat on Twitch on your desktop. And make it easy for you to enjoy the streaming of your favorite streamer.

Now, let us start to find out how can you hide Twitch chat from your mobile app. So, let us start to make it easy for us to understand.

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How to Hide Chat on Twitch from Your Mobile?

There are many people that use Twitch streaming app on their mobiles to watch their favorite streamers. Watching streaming on mobile allows them the liberty to watch it anywhere. At that time, it is usually seen that streaming chat can be irritating for them. For that reason, hiding the Twitch chat is one of the best options at that this section of our discussion, we will discuss the way you can use to do so. Let us find out how to hide chat on Twitch with a mobile application.

Open Your twitch App on Mobile

The first step is to open the Twitch application on your mobile as you randomly do to watch your favorite content creator’s streaming.

Open The Stream That You Want To Watch

After the above step, go to the search bar and search for your favorite streamer. You can also choose anyone that you want to watch.

On the Landscape Mode in Your Mobile

At that point, make sure that your mobile is in landscape mode so that you can find out the chat option. You can find out that option by the settings of your mobile in the mobile shutter.

Hide The Chat By Clicking on Hide Button!

When you are done with your horizontal screen mode, you will see a button that looks like a bubble dialogue with a line. That is the Hide Button with which you can hide your Twitch chat easily. Tap on that option and you are done with hiding the annoying chat.

The above steps will lead you to find out how to hide chat on Twitch with your mobile app easily. Moreover, you will also get an idea of how easy for you to do so. So, make sure to follow the above steps to make your Twitch watch amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many people that get confused in many matters regarding hiding chat on Twitch. In this section, we will discuss the most important questions that people ask about this matter. So, let us start to make it easy for us!

Can a Streamer Ban You From Twitch Stream Chat?

The answer is yes! You can be banned by streamers in some cases. For example, if you start to chat with toxicity, you can be banned without any notice. It doesn’t mean that you get permanently banned. You can whisper in the chat yet.


The above discussion allows the readers to find out how to hide chat on Twitch from both, mobile and desktop, with a handy approach. Make sure to enjoy your Twitch streaming without being irritating in the chat room so that you don’t get banned by the streamers.

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