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What Does Stream Snipe Mean?

If you are a fan of deathmatch or raid shadow legends, then you must watch them on a streaming platform. In addition to this, you may have also streamed one of your favorite games on a live-streaming platform such as Twitch. On the other hand, when we talk about the progress of game streaming platforms, there is exceptional growth in this industry has been placed nowadays. People love to watch their favorite games on Twitch and according to research, there are more than 15 million active people that watch their favorite game streamings daily on Twitch. Due to that number, the gaming industry opens new horizons for many users to get benefits out of it. Moreover, whether you are a streamer or a simple user, you must know about the matter “what does stream snipe mean” on Twitch.

In this blog, we will discuss all stream sniping, what is it, how it matters, how to avoid being sniped on Twitch, and many more. So, let us start to make it easy to understand so that we can learn all about it with ease.

What Does Stream Snipe Mean?

To get the answer to “what does it mean to stream-snip someone”, let us divide it and make it easier to understand. When we come to define stream sniping, it is an act of hijacking another user’s live stream on twitch to take over the completion of a task or harasses the other user. On the other hand, it can happen in different ways. The most common way is entering into the live broadcast of a streamer and using the sources or information to prevent the streamer to complete their game. Furthermore, when we talk about the advantages of this matter, someone can also find your location, if you are playing a game such as Call of Duty, and can use it to find you and get you killed in the game.

From the above reasons, we can understand how insidious is stream sniping and why many live-streaming platforms taking initiatives to ban sniping users. In addition, stream sniping can also affect the users and the streamers. It is so because when someone snipes the stream of a streamer, the ability to focus is disturbed, and eventually, they start to lack in creating content for their audience. On the other hand, stream sniping also ruins the fan’s experience to watch their favorite stream. We can say that stream-sniping is one of the worst experiences on live-streaming platforms such as Twitch.

From the above discussion, we can find out the answer “what does stream snipe mean” and what are the circumstances of it. On the other hand, there are other different types of stream sniping that you must know about. In the next section of our blog, we will find out multiple types of sniping during a live stream on Twitch. So, let’s start to discuss them in detail.

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How Many Types of Stream-Snipe?

As we have mentioned above there are many ways to snipe a stream on Twitch. In this section of our discussion, we will discuss them all in detail. So, let us start to make things easy for us to know so that we can avoid being sniped during a stream.

Ghost Stream Sniping

Ghost sniping is also another kind of stream sniping. When we talk about the most widely spread stream-sniping, ghost sniping comes at the top of the line. It is simply cheating that is used to cheat a user in live streaming to get a tactical advantage in a live streaming game. In addition, ghost sniping is also used to find out the location of a streamer in a live game falsely. With this approach, the stream-sniping person gets the advantage to know the location of the other user and can kill him in the game. We can see that it is an extremely bad thing that a streamer can face during its live-streaming session. That is also the answer to the question “what does stream snip means”. Moreover, in any game live streaming, it is a private thing what kind of weapon you are using and how many lives you have. In ghost stream sniping, this information also can be stolen.

Trolling Stream-Sniping

When we come to talking about trolling stream-sniping, it is the most irritating thing that streamers face during their streaming. Trolling is a way in which another user enters your stream and un-able you to do anything productive or objectively. This approach makes the streamer so upset and snips his streaming. It is possible that a group of streamers enters your stream to troll it so that you can’t play your game as you want. Eventually, it makes your viewers upset with you and they left the stream. The above type is also the answer to the question “what does it mean to stream-snip someone”. So, make sure to read it for better understanding.

Harassment Stream-Snipping

In any live-streaming platform, the worst stream-snip type is harassment. This is the darkest side of snipping that a streamer can face. Any user caught in that action can be banned for a lifetime from watching or streaming on Twitch.

How to Prevent Stream Snipping?

There are multiple ways to prevent snipping during the stream on Twitch. Following is a list of ways that you can use to prevent such things.

  1. Make sure to use the Twitch settings to delay intervals for all of your content.
  2. Making sure not to use TVV in your username while you are streaming on twitch also helps you to prevent stream-snip scenarios.
  3. Many games allow you to hide all the information and your server name so that no one can find it. Make sure to use such an approach so that you can keep yourself out of it!


From the above discussion, we can find out what stream snip means and also get an idea of how many types of it and what to do to prevent it. On the other hand, Twitch and other live-streaming platforms are making their policies upgraded so that no one can face such issues while streaming. So, hope you will find this all information sightful for you and get the benefits of it.

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