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How to Get Sub Button on Twitch?

When we talk about the coolest thing about the Twitch streaming platform, having subscribers comes at the top of the list. Many opportunities open for you as a streamer when you have that scenario. If you are a new streamer, you must wonder how to get subscribers on Twitch. In addition, you must know how to get a sub button on Twitch so that you can get a massive amount of subscribers. You first need to become a Twitch Affiliate to get a subscriber button for your channel. When you enroll in Twitch Affiliate program, a purple-colored subscriber button will automatically appear on your channel. After that, people will be able to subscribe to your streams.

On the other hand, getting Twitch Affiliation is not hard, but it needs some steps to be covered. You need to fulfill some requirements to qualify for the Twitch Affiliation to get a subscriber button for your channel. Furthermore, there are so many benefits of getting a subscriber button. In addition, many people need to know the steps to follow to become Twitch Affiliate. We will cover all aspects of getting a subscriber button for your Twitch channel. So, let us start debating this matter and make everything easy to understand.

Benefits of Sub Button on Twitch

There is a list of benefits that Twitch streamers enjoy throughout their journey after getting a sub button. We will discuss later “how to get sub button on Twitch.” For now, let us find out its benefits.

Use Your Twitch Channel Content For Monetization

Earning money on Twitch is undoubtedly hard, but with the help of the subscriber button, this thing becomes easy for you. In addition, you can also invite your followers to pay for various subscriber tires. It normally goes from 499 to 999 dollars. We can clearly see that you can earn a good amount of money from it when you have a sub button for your Twitch channel. There is a huge amount of content creators who are making a lot of money with the above approach. Why not you?

Expands Your Audience Span

When we talk about more viewers, it means more viewers equals more subscribers, which is equal to having a broader audience for your channel content. There are also many ways to expand your audience span on Twitch, but eventually, the sub button becomes essential.

Create a Panel for Twitch Subscribers

When you get a Twitch sub button, you can create a panel for your followers and subscribers. The benefit of creating this panel is that you will see the usernames of subscribers that join your stream. In addition, with this approach, you can motivate your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

With the above discussion on the benefits of a sub button on Twitch, we can estimate that it is handy on this platform. After getting an overview of the benefits, let us find out how to get sub button on Twitch so that things can be easy for us to understand.

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How to Get a Sub Button on the Twitch Platform?

The first step to getting a subscriber button on Twitch is that your channel must be good from every angle. It is not confirmed how long it will take to get a sub button on Twitch. It can take one week or a month. The reason for these delays is whether Twitch imagine is your channel worthy or not. In addition, your chosen community, type of content, and how often you stream matter in this regard. That is why, if you want to get a subscribe button on Twitch, you must follow the following steps.

Join the Twitch Affiliate Program

The first step to knowing how to get sub button on Twitch is essential to be a partner or affiliate with the Twitch Affiliate Program. There is no other way to get subscribe button on Twitch except this approach. When you become an affiliate of Twitch, you will get a subscribe button for your channel. In addition, if you want to get affiliation with Twitch, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • You must have, on average, at least 3 simultaneous viewers in the last month.
  • Your streaming time must equal or exceed five hundred minutes within the last month.
  • You must have fifty followers on your Twitch channel.
  • You must be streamed for 7 days consecutively within the last month.

When you fulfill the above condition, a subscribe button is automatically attached to your channel that users use to subscribe to your channel.

Wait for Approval

qualifying the above conditions, you will receive an email when you submit your Twitch Affiliation request. At this time, you need to provide all the essential information to the Twitch platform so that they can examine it. They can ask for your tax information, personal information, and others. So, make up your mind according to the above scenarios and prepare to face it. You might want to know that Amazon owns Twitch, so it is obligatory to comply with their other streaming requirements.

Enjoy the Subscribe Button

After a while, you will get your Twitch Bubscribne button, with which you can get a lot of benefits.


The above discussion lets us easily find out how to get a sub button on Twitch. In addition, the above debate also tells us how beneficial for us to get this button for our Twitch channel. Whether we talk about affiliate earning sources or discuss increased engagement, there are multiple benefits of getting a subscribe button. With the help of this blog, one can also learn what the requirements are to be Twitch Affiliate. We can say that it is a guide that covers every aspect of how to get a subscribe button on the Twitch streaming platform.

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