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How to Enable Twitch Desktop Mode on Mobile?

When talking about the most mesmerizing platform that enables its users to do live streaming, Twitch comes at the top. With millions of content creators on that platform and its user-friendliness makes Twitch the handiest streaming platform. There are huge numbers of streamers who stream through their desktop due to its easiness, and some of them also use it through their Android or iPhones. Both modes of streaming are easy, but Twitch desktop mode has features that are vast and outnumber.

The desktop mode on Twitch allows the most exclusive experience to users and allows them to stream fastly and from anywhere. If you are wondering what the desktop mode of Twitch is or what the Twitch desktop site is, this blog will guide you. We will discuss all the aspects of that matter in this blog. How can you enable Twitch desktop on your mobile? What are the advantages of doing so? And other aspects related to it. Let us start to explore that matter.

What Is Twitch Desktop Mode?

As it is clear from its name, the mobile version of the Twitch streaming platform that you can use on your mobile browser is known as desktop mode. It allows steamers a full interface with all the essential features that brighten streaming. On the other hand, the mobile application of Twitch is an optimized module that is super fast, yet it lacks some features that only can be used on the desktop site of the Twitch streaming platform.

The desktop version allows streamers to stream from their mobiles and from anywhere. In the next section of our discussion, we will discuss how you can enable Twitch desktop mode on mobile with step-by-step guidance. Let us start to make things clear.

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How to Enable Twitch Desktop Mode on Mobile?

According to a search engine, there are more than 100 million downloads of the Twitch mobile app, and that number is still increasing daily. In addition, there is also a vast range of users who wnat to watch their favorite streams on their mobile browsers, as it is a full version of the Twitch platform that can be used anywhere with a good connection. This section will discuss how you can enable Twitch pc mode on your mobile with easy steps. Let us start to explore it.

Enable Twitch Desktop on Android Mobile

Here is how to enable Twitch desktop mode on your android mobile.

  1. Open the browser on your mobile phone and go to the official site of Twitch.
  2. You need to log into your account to start streaming on it. The Twitch platform can also change your password or ID if you forget it.
  3. Once logged in to your account, you will see three horizontal lines next to the search bar option. Click on that option, and various options will appear.
  4. Now, you need to tap on the option of “Switch to Desktop Mode.” with this option, you can access the full version of the Twitch desktop platform.

Enable Twitch Desktop on iOS Mobile

The following steps allow you to enjoy watching Twitch streams on the desktop mode through iOS mobile.

  1. Open your safari browser and go to to start watching streams.tap on three dots
  2. When iOS users enter the site version of the Twitch platform, it shows them content in mobile mode. To convert it into web mode, tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right of your screen. There, you need to click the Terms of Services option. terms and services
  3. Once you enter the terms and services option, you only need to locate the drop menu, which you can find at the top right corner. Now on, go to the Browse option, and that is all. With this approach, you can enable Twitch desktop site mode on your iOS mobile device.twitch categories

The above discussion shows how you can enable the desktop mode on your mobile to use the Twitch streaming platform. Both methods are easy to apply whether you are an Android user or an iOS user. There are many benefits of using a desktop version of Twitch on mobile. In the next section, we will discover them. Let’s roll to it.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Twitch Desktop Mode?

There is no doubt that the use of the Twitch application on mobile is the fastest way to watch your streams on the go. But, for streamers, there are a couple of things that are important for them, and the application doesn’t provide them. With the help of Twitch desktop mode, streamers can see who is online which helps them to optimize their streamings. In addition, it is also a fact that the Twitch application did not support any ad blocker. On the other hand, in the browser, you can add extensions, and with their help of them, you can stop ads to be appear.

How To Start Twitch Stream On Mobile?

The process of starting desktop Twitch streaming through mobile is an easy thing. You just need to go to your Twitch channel on your mobile browser and tap on the button Go live. The option will appear on the top of your mobile screen. In addition, you can perform this action by tapping on your profile image and selecting the option of Go Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Desktop Twitch On My Mobile?

You just need to go to your mobile browser and search for and that is it. After logging in, you can start watching your favorite shows.

Can I Watch Two Streams of Twitch on My Mobile?

Yes, you can watch Twitch streams in squad mode on your mobile.


The above discussion shows how to enable Twitch desktop on mobile. In addition, you can also learn what are the advantages of Twitch streaming on a mobile browser. Ensure to read this blog so you can understand every aspect of Twitch desktop mode.

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