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How to Change Stream Title on Twitch?

One thing that matters a lot to get more followers on Twitch is the title of your stream. Whether or not you believe it, the title of your stream is the only thing that differentiates you from the other streamers on the platform. It must be clear and catchy. In addition, it also depicts the picture of the whole content that you are about to stream live. It is the first thing that users interact with on the Twitch platform. Moreover, sometimes, your stream title doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the content you are streaming. First, you must know how to change the stream title on Twitch so that things get beneficial for you.

There are multiple ways to do so. Whether we talk about changing the stream title on a PC as a Mod or on iPhone or on android, this article will cover every aspect related to changing a stream title on the Twitch streaming platform. So, let us start to explore different scenarios, so things get easy for us to learn and understand.

How to Change Stream Title on Twitch?

As we mentioned, there are multiple ways to edit the title of a stream. In this section, we will discuss them in detail. But for now, we will discuss how to change the stream title on Twitch on PC. So, let us start to make things easy for us to understand.

The first thing comes first. Log in to your Twitch streaming account.

  • Go to your profile icon and select the Creator Dashboard option from the drop-down menu.

twitch Creator Dashboard

  • You will see multiple options on the right-side menu of your screen. Click on the Stream Manager one.

right-side menu options

  • After the above step, go with the option that says Edit Stream Title and follow the instructions.

Edit Stream Title

  • A new window will appear after selecting the above option. In addition, you will see all the information related to changing the stream Title on Twitch. Make changes and save them.

edit stream info

  • As you are done with your Twitch stream title changes, don’t forget to press the save changes button. With this approach, you can easily change your Twitch stream title.

put your stream info here

With the above steps, anybody can get the answer on how to change the stream title on Twitch. There could be many reasons to change the title of a stream on Twitch. In addition, there are also multiple benefits of creating a catchy title for your stream. It allows you to attract more followers and viewers. Moreover, with the help of a catchy stream title, you can make your channel a popular one. Make sure to use the above information to make your title changing easy and efficient. Now, let us start to find out how you can change your stream title as a mod on Twitch.

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Can You Change Stream Title On Twitch as a Moderator?

When things come to this point of view, there are many possibilities. As a Twitch streaming channel moderator, you can easily change the stream’s title. You need to follow some steps to do so easily. But before going into it, you must know as a streamer.

There are multiple things that mods can do with your streaming channel. That is why you assure a mod’s credibility that you will enable the commands of your channel. Here are the simple steps to follow to find out how to change the stream title on Twitch as a mod.

  • The first step to changing the title of your streamer’s streaming as a mod is to log into your account. After that, click on the sword-loke icon to enable the mod view from your chat room.

enable the mod view

  • Afterward, you need to go to the video of your streamer to change the title. When you are done with finding the video, click on the pencil-alike icon that will appear on the right button of the streaming video.

change the title

  • After the above step, you will see a new window with the title of broadcast options. There, you will find out how to change the stream title on Twitch. Make essential changes and after that, ensure to click on the Done option to save changes.

change stream title on Twitch

As you can see, the above discussion is a piece of cake that can be eaten easily. It also allows you to take a good illustration of how to change the stream title on Twitch when you are a mod on this platform for a streamer. Then, make sure to read it all for a better understanding.

On the other hand, a good title is hugely important in a stream’s popularity. It allows the users to get a quick idea of what your content is all about. In the next section, we will give you some tips that will allow you to make your stream title worthy, and that will work for you definitely.

How to Make a Good Live Stream Title on Twitch?

After getting the answer to the question of how to change the stream title on Twitch, here is another piece of information. If you want more followers and viewers on your Twitch streaming, it is necessary to make your stream title catchy. Many streamers don’t follow that important thing.

On the other hand, it is essential to make sure about. Here are some tips you can find handy while making a title for your stream on Twitch.

  • Avoid putting the name of the game you are about to play. The reason for that is people will know what you are going to play. This will not work for getting more viewers.
  • Take different approaches to gain the attraction of viewers. You can use an absurd title or a pun so that things get more curious and exciting.

Here, you might be wondering why big streamers use simple titles for their streamers. Well, when you go big on Twitch and successfully gain a massive viewer count, then the title doesn’t matter.


The above discussion is a simple guide on “how to change stream title on Twitch” Additionally how to make your stream title a good one. With this piece of cake, you can make your streamers more successful in getting more followers and viewers, and eventually, you can grow your streaming channel.

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