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Twitch Prime Rewards

When we discuss watching streamers on Twitch, millions of people love to watch their favorite streamers on that platform. Whether you are a game lover or a game enthusiast, watching streams on Twitch is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. Accordion to statistics, millions of users use that platform so that they can watch streams and entertain themselves. Due to that massiveness, the platform offers many rewards programs to maintain the bulk of streamers and viewers. To redeem the Twitch prime rewards, which are so popular among the Twitch streaming livers, you first need to subscribe to Twitch prime.

On the other hand, Twitch prime rewards can only get if you are a prime subscriber. Twitch prime subscribers are Amazon Prime members, allowing them many benefits. Prime subscribers can subscribe to their favorite streamers. In addition, they can also get a badge that will appear on their username when they chat while watching streams. We can say that Twitch prime users gain the most pleasant experience watching streams. To subscribe to Twitch prime, you need to pay twelve point ninety-nine dollars per month, and with just this tiny amount, you can get all the benefits on and off the platform. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about Twitch prime rewards and related aspects to that matter. So, let us start with how you can link your Twitch account with prime.

How to Link Twitch Account with Amazon Prime?

Connecting a Twitch account with an Amazon Prime account is quite a simple thing to perform. Many benefits come with it. Whether it rewards from Twitch prime or the other benefits, you get many of them after getting a prime Twitch subscription. Once you get the Amazon Prime account subscription, link your Twitch account with it to get rewards. To connect your Twitch account with Amazon Prime to become a Twitch prime user, you need to follow three simple steps.

  • First, you need to go to, and then, you need to sign in to your Amazon account by adding information about it. After that, click on the “Sign in” option, which will appear in the right corner of your screen.
  • The second step is to click on “Activate Twitch Prime” to start your subscription.activate twitch prime
  • Now, a pop-up window showing your different accounts to link with your Amazon Prime; select Twitch and click on the confirm button. After confirming, you will be redirected to your new Twitch Prime on the confirm button

With the help of the above steps, you can get a Twitch prime subscription for your account and many more benefits like Twitch prime rewards and many more. In the next section of our blog, we will discuss how many Twitch rewards you can get by having a prime account. So, let us start to make things familiar to us.

Different Types Of Twitch Prime Rewards

If you are a new prime Twitch streamer, you must know a few essential things to improve your experience. Knowing what types of Prime rewards are on Twitch, how to claim your Twitch prime rewards, and other related things allow you to make your experience on Twitch amazing. This section of our blog will go through the different rewards you can get from a prime Twitch subscription. So, let’s have a look at them.

Twitch Prime Subscriber Badge

When you get the Twitch Prime Subscription, a badge issue against it that will show after your username. Whenever you reply in a chat room on Twitch, it also appears next to your username. In addition, it allows others that you have an Amazon prime subscription adn link it to your Twitch account.

Premium Chat Colors

With the help of Twitch Prime Rewards, which also includes premium colors for your chatroom, you can customize the colors of your chat and make it according to your preferences to make your experience more delightful.

Exclusive Emotes For Chat

Along with the customization of your Twitch chat room colors, you also get exclusive emotes to express your feelings or react to your fellow chatters. That is a great way to enhance visibility in the Twitch chat room.

Get An Extended Broadcast Storage

Normal Twitch users can have a broadcast backup for fourteen days after uploading it. But, if you are a Twitch Prime Subscriber, you get up to sixty days of storage for your broadcasts which is the best gift of Twitch Prime Rewards that allows you to make your streaming experience more delightful.

Free Subscription to Your Favorite Streamers

Twitch Prime subscription enables you to subscribe to your favorite streamers for free. It is not allowed for other than the prime users on the Twitch streaming platform. You have to pay five dollars for each streaming channel’s subscription on Twitch.

How to Redeem Twitch Prime Rewards?

To redeem the Twitch Prime rewards, you must follow the steps above. For more assistance, you need to get the Amazon Prime subscription first, then link that account to your Twitch account and confirm the action. The whole process is explained in the above portion of this blog. So, get these Prime rewards to make your Twitch experience more amazing.


In the last verdicts of this blog on Twitch prime Rewards, we can conclude that rewards are a great deal for all Twitch users. You should get them to make your Twitch channel more attractive or experience more. With this blog’s help, you can learn how to redeem these prime rewards, different kinds of rewards, and other related information about the Twitch awards for a prime account. Then why not read this blog to get a deep idea of the Twitch Prime rewards? In addition, this blog will also guide you through how you can link your Twitch account with Amazon prime.

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