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What Does Lurk Mean on Twitch?

It seems that sometimes we do not want to play a video directly but wish to listen to it while doing something. This practice is nowadays becoming a common habit and people are getting habitual with it. Listening to a favorite song or a podcast while working on a task allows them to focus and also makes them more comfortable. On the other hand, there is a huge audience on google that asks what does lurk mean on Twitch? Well, when we come to talk about live streaming scenarios, people love to listen to the conversation of their favorite streamer on the Twitch streaming platform. Sometimes, people don’t watch or just leave the stream up without actually watching them. This scenario has a name and that is called lurking on Twitch.

Well, there is also another form of this question and that is what does it mean to lurk on Twitch? The answer to this question is that, when a viewer just watches a stream and does not take part in chatting or interacting, this also refers to lurking.

Another Answer to “What Does Lurk Mean on Twitch”

A lurker just came to the Twitch streaming platform to listen to his favorite streamer without any other interaction. Many streamers think that viewers that are not interactive are view bots. But this is not always the case. There is majority of Twitch users want to enjoy their favorite streamers without directly interacting with the channel. That’s why never assume that if a viewer is not interacting with your channel is a view bot.

There are so many questions and scenarios that people ask about lurking on the Twitch platform. In this article, we will cover them and make them easier to understand. Let us start with a solution and talk that how streamers can identify that a viewer is not a view bot.

How Twitch Streamers can Identify a View Bot?

When we come to talking about the Twitch streaming platform, there are so many functions that this platform provides. In these functions and streaming facilities, Twitch also provides a lurk command to the streamer. With the use of this command the streamer can differentiate between the viewer and the view bot. This command allows the users to announce that they are present in your streaming channel but lurking.

This command also gives a notification to the steamer about their viewer’s lurking. Well, we can say that this command also means that the viewer is supporting your stream but doesn’t have the time or doesn’t want to interact with it. With the above discussion, you can get two answers. The first is “what does lurk mean on Twitch” and the second one is “how to differentiate the view bot and a user”.

On the other hand, as a streamer, you can create a lurk command and make it useful for you. In the next section of our article, we will find out how to create a lurk command on Twitch.

How Can You Make a Lurk Command on Twitch?

When we talk about creating a command related to lurking on the Twitch platform, things get different approaches. Well, creating a command on Twitch is quite a simple process but it depends on which type of chatbot you are using for your channel. There are many types of chatbots but we will discuss two of the best chatbots. So, let’s find out how to create lurk commands while using these chatbots on the Twitch streaming platform.

While Using StreamLabs Chatbot

If you are using a Streamlab chatbot, you can use the following command to create a lurk command on your Twitch channel.

!addcommand !lurk *insert lurk message*

The above command enables you to personalize the notification message that you want to receive.

While Using StreamElements Chatbot

StreamElement is also another famous chatbot on Twitch while streaming. With the use of this chatbot, you can also get a notification about a lurking user. Write the following command on the chatbot.

!addcommand !lurk *insert lurk message*

In this chatbot, you can also customize the lurk message and make your command more precise. So, you can make your streaming free of the question “what does lurk mean on Twitch” with these commands. Well, it is a common practice to lurk on Twitch bout, did you know about its legalization? In other words, is it legal to lurk on Twitch? Well, to get the answer to this question, let us start to discuss it in detail so we can make it easy to understand.

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Is it Legal to Lurk on the Twitch Streaming Platform?

After getting the answer to the question “what does lurk mean on Twitch”, now we will discuss its legalization. There is no such thing as if you are not participating in the streaming then you are not allowed to watch it. Or there is no rule to take any kind of interaction with the streamer if you are watching their streams. You are free to watch whatever you want to watch without interacting. That’s why lurking is a legal thing and no streamer can take an action against you as it does not break the terms of Twitch Services.

The only thing that allows you to be questionable is using the bots to lurk in a streaming channel. It is against the terms of Twitch services as you can not use the bots for lurking. In addition, using bots for inflating views is also a false way to grow your streaming channel. Rather than doing such things, always rely on organic traffic, a natural way to establish your channel.

At The End of Our Discussion

From the above discussion, we can get the answers to multiple questions like:

  • What does lurk mean on Twitch?
  • How to find a bot viewer on Twitch?
  • What does lurk on Twitch mean?
  • How to create lurk commands on Twitch?
  • What does it mean when you lurk on twitch?

So, we can say that this discussion can make your lurking experience better on the Twitch streaming platform. In addition, there is no specification for this blog as it is for streamers and users both. So, make sure to use the above information so that you can make your lurking easier and legit.

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