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Twitch Bits Guide: What Are They and How to Earn

Despite the difference of whether you are new to the Twitch streaming platform or didn’t use it in a while, you must observe something, or someone refers to the term “Bits” Twitch is one of the most substantially growing live streaming platforms that allow multiple features to increase the engagement and allows them to create bigger communities and audiences so that they can watch your streams on the go and you get appreciated by them. In addition, people don’t see this platform as just doing live streaming or broadcasting or getting massive viewership or audience; they also use this platform to earn money by creating content on this platform. Twitch bits are also an exceptional feature of that platform which allows its users to earn and grow their careers in the gaming field.

What Are Bits On Twitch?

We use currency to buy something in our daily life. Similarly, bits are gaming currency that allows you to buy different things while playing that game. You can say that bits are the virtual currency that can be given to a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliates to support their content and give them a token of appreciation on the platform. Twitch users can also support their favorite steamers by subscribing to them or rewarding cash to them. But the bits are one of the best ways to cheer your favorite streamer on the Twitch streaming platform. When a user or subscriber sends bits to their favorite streamer, the streamer can convert them into real-world money and use them in other ways.

Twitch Bits

Moreover, sending bits to your favorite content creator on the Twitch streaming platform is the most exceptional way to cheer them by using unique animated emojis. The users have to buy Twitch bits so that they can make support their favorite content creator. In the whole process, whether the user or the content creator, both gets benefits on the Twitch streaming platform.

How Are Twitch Bits Supportive For Streamers?

Well, as we spoke, Twitch Bits are the virtual currency that streamers can convert into real-world cash. In addition, the streamers affiliated with the Twitch streaming platform or the Twitch Partners can get $0.01 for one bit in real-world currency. The users have to buy them from Amazon or other trusted service providers offering their services to cheer their favorite streamers. There is no doubt that the bits are exceptional other than the subscription and donations. Make sure to buy Twitch bits for your content creators and support them.

How Much Twitch Bits Cost You?

When we talk about the prices of bits for Twitch, multiple scenarios come to our plate to discuss. They start at $1.40 for 100 bits and go ascendingly in accordance with their quantity. Following are the details of their prices and quantity with which you can easily get clear about them.

  • 100 bits can be gotten for $1.40.
  • 500 bits can be gotten for $7.
  • 1000 bits can be gotten for $9.95.
  • 1500 bits can be gotten for $19.95.
  • 2000 bits can be gotten for $20.00.
  • 2500 bits can be gotten for $25.00.

From the above discussion, you can estimate the different prices of Twitch Bits. You might be wondering how much 10000 bits are on Twitch. Well, the answer is quite straightforward, and that is 10000 bits cost $126. So, next time you want to cheer your favorite streamer, make sure to have these stats in your mind and make it easy to decide how much you want to support your beloved content creator on the Twitch streaming platform.

How Do You Get Bits on Twitch?

Well, buying bits on Twitch is one of the easiest things to perform. There are a couple of steps you have to perform in this regard. Following are the steps that lead you to buy Twitch bits.

  1. First, you need to open your Twitch streaming platform to proceed. After that, you will see the option of Buy Bits at the top-right corner of your screen.get bits button
  2. After clicking on that option, you will see a drop-down menu that will show you multiple packages that will be available at that time.multiple packages to buy bits
  3. In the next step, you must choose the payment means. Whether you want to pay for the Twitch bits with your Credit card or PayPal account or with Amazon Pay, there are multiple ways to complete that action. In addition, you can use your Twitch gift cards for this transaction if you have them.

The above simple steps enable you to buy bits on the Twitch streaming platform to cheer up your favorite streamers and make them more creative about their creation. Moreover, you can also use your mobile app easily with the above steps to follow. In addition, the refilling option is also there so that your favorite content creators can get your support constantly, and you can keep watching their content on the go.


From the above informational discussion, we can conclude that Twitch Bits are one of the most astonishing approaches to cheer content creators other than the rewards or subscriptions. With the help of bits, streamers can get paid if they are affiliated with Twitch or a partner of Twitch. In addition, streamers can also transform them into real cash. The Amazon platform allows you to buy bits with multiple modes of transactions.

There are many benefits of giving it on Twitch to your favorite streamers. You can get noticed by them and get a chance to communicate with them other than the chatroom. The bits on Twitch are available in different packages and at different prices. Buy them according to your need and urge to support and cheer your favorite Twitch content creator. Read this guide to get insight into this whole matter and make your understanding.

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