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Who Has the Title of Longest Twitch Stream in 2024?

One decade-old Twitch stream is now getting an enormous population among live streamers and breaking the records of streaming on any streaming platform. The millions of users on that platform and the enormous number of content creators who stream daily make Twitch more prominent. As the number of users is exceptionally growing, it increases the interest in live streamers to stream more on that platform to get more viewers on their channel. In addition, many records nowadays break due to these scenarios. The Longest Twitch stream record, most subscribed streaming channel record, most viewed streaming record, and many other records are now breaking, and new records are getting set. If you are wondering about these numbers and streamers breaking these records, you are in the right direction.

This blog will guide you about the latest streaming records, such as most subbed streamers, most viewed streams, and other attributes. So, let us start exploring these record-breaking moves to learn how to make our stream so popular.

A Debate on Twitch Records

As we all know, Twitch is a live-streaming platform that makes a streamer popular on behalf of subscribers, followers, viewers, and streaming time. We will discuss the most followed streamers, the streamers viewed the most, the most subscribed streamers on Twitch, and the longest Twitch stream streamer. So, let us start to explore things and make them understandable.

Who is the Most Subscribed Twitch Streamer?

Regarding talking about the most subbed streamer on the Twitch streaming platform, Ludwig comes at the top of the list with 283,066 subscribers. As we all know that followers and viewers are the calibers to measure the popularity of a streamer on Twitch, subscriber count is also an element that tells how much people love the streamer’s content to watch. A single drawback of massive subscriber counts is that they can go up or down at the end of the month. That is why the number of subscribers can manipulate the facts and cause a downsizing. For example, a famous Twitch streamer gets many subscribers; at other times, the subscribers fade away.

The Subscribers Records on Twitch

As we get that, the most subscribed streamer on Twitch is Ludwig; here are other streamers that have become successful to grab most of the subscribers on the Twitch streaming platform.

Subscribers Records on Twitch

  • The number 2 most subscribed streamer on Twitch is Ninja, with 269,152 subscribers.
  • Number 3 most subscribed Twitch streamer is Geekandsundry, with 55,349.
  • The number 4 most subscribed twitch streamer is Tyler1.

These streamers make history in the streaming world and successfully get that many subscribers with their consistency and quality of content.

Who Get the Longest Subathon On Twitch?

The Subathon is a combination of two words, subscribers and time of streaming. When we talk about the longest subathon on the Twitch streaming platform, Emily comes at the top of the list with the continuous streaming of 414 days. Yes! She is the longest substation streamer on Twitch and is targeted to achieve 730 days of streaming live on Twitch. It means the stream is not yet ended at the time of writing. In addition, the second spot is grabbed by the Notmic with the substation for 115 days. You might be wondering how long Ludwig has been streaming on Twitch. Well, he was the first streamer who Subathon for 31 days, and after that, other streamers started to follow him and break the records of subathon, as you can see.

Longest Subathon On Twitch

What is The Longest Stream on Twitch?

You might think about how long these are above Subathons, but these are nothing compared to the longest streams on the Twitch streaming platform. So, what is the longest Twitch stream?

Well, the highest record was first made by a Twitch streamer Los Polls TV in 2020, who streamed for 161 hours. After that record, other streamers start to break that record, and CallMeCyper successfully breaks that first record with 200 hours of streaming on Twitch. The stream was supposed to be held longer but stopped due to technical issues.

On the other hand, the longest streamer on Twitch at the time of writing is GPHustla, who continuously made a record of streaming for 634 days without interruption.

Longest Stream on Twitch

Yes! He made a record that will rarely break it as it is the most time that one can stream on the Twitch streaming platform. The streaming was all alone or solo, which is a huge achievement made by someone on Twitch with all these circumstances. He claimed that the Twitch platform made an error to interrupt his streaming and complained about it but got nothing in response.

However, other than solo streamers, there has been a streaming channel named StreamerChannel since 2013, a record that someone can’t break. The group is based on friends and guests instead of solo streamers.

Most Viewed Streamer on Twitch 2023

When it comes to talking about the most-watched Twitch streaming channel in 2023, xQc comes at the top of the list with 12,522,291 viewer hours. In addition, according to the recent 7-day data, GameDoneQuic came on the top, the second spot to xQc. LVNDMARK, Kingsleague, and Pestily are Twitch streamers that get most of the views on their streams or watch most of the time on Twitch, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Longest Stream on Twitch?

GPHustla successfully streamed for 634 days, the longest Twitch streamer.

How Long Ludwig has been Streaming?

Ludwig start streaming on Twitch on February 16, 2019, and made a record of streaming for 31 days continuously.


From the above discussion, we can estimate the longest Twitch stream in 2023, the most watched steamer, the most subscribed Twitch streamer in 2023, who is the most Subathorn Twitch streamer, and many other aspects that allow you to know who has been a record-maker or record-breaker on Twitch. Ensure to read the blog to get a deep understanding of the longest streaming records on the Twitch platform.

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