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Can You Play Music on Twitch?

Twitch revolving the terms and conditions since the Digital Millenium Copyright Act breakdowns to 2020. There are hundreds of music streams that Twitch deleted due to the violation of copyright laws. With that action taken in accordance with DMCA, streamers are facing a lot of troubles and getting a downfall in their potential content on the Twitch streaming platform. The question might arise in your mind, what music can you play on Twitch or can you play music on Twitch? Well, there are millions of people on the platform that are wondering about their musical content on the platform. We will discuss different scenarios related to playing music on Twitter or streaming on Twitch to address their issues.

Whether you are wondering what kind of music can you play on Twitch or want to know more about what music you can play while streaming on Twitch, we will discuss each aspect of that matter in this blog. So, let us start to explore things so that we can understand them better.

Can You Play Music On Twitch in 2023?

Play Music On Twitch

When it comes to talking about the matter of music and Twitch, things get confused. Most streamers who play music on their streams do this without being concerned with copyright laws. But now, things have changed after the DMCA policies break down; streamers avoid playing that music in their streams they don’t have the right to. You might notice that no such streamers play the 90s or today’s hit songs to stream on Twitch.

It was like that, but in 2018, the Twitch platform started to refine its terms and conditions and started to protect the copyright laws of users. After implementing the copyright laws, many streamers get banned from the Twitch streaming platform due to their copyright claims. Might you think, what are the music rules of Twitch? Can you play music on Twitch? What are the punishments for breaking the copyright law?

The thing you are experiencing is not just happening on Twitch. Other streaming and social media platforms also make their copyright services more strict due to the creator’s laws. The content that creators are producing is their intellectual property, and they only can allow others to use by others.

The question is still there, could you play music on Twitch? Well, you can, but follow some rules and regulations. In the next section of our discussion, we will go through the types of music you can play on Twitch so you can estimate the criteria of what kind of music you can play on Twitch.

Can You Play Music While Streaming On Twitch?

Three different scenarios allow you to play music on Twitch while you are streaming.

Your Music

The music that you are producing or creating and recording can be played on the Twitch streaming platform while you are streaming. If you have record label deals, you should have all the right to reproduce that sog you have produced.

The Music That You Have License

If you are playing copyrighted music with all licensing, you will not get takedown by the Twitch streaming platform while streaming on Twitch.

Soundtrack by Twitch

The Twitch streaming service allows you to use music from Soundtrack by Twitch while you are streaming. You don’t have to pay for it, but the choices are limited in the library. That is why most streamers use other services to fulfill the needs of their musical entertainment on Twitch while streaming. This is the answer to Can you play music on Twitch.

Can You Play Copyrighted Music on Twitch?

As we spoke, you are not allowed to play that music that is not yours, or you don’t have the rights to play it, or there is no licensing you to have while playing music while streaming on Twitch. If you get involved in any kind of activity that is against the terms and conditions of Twitch Music playing, you can face negative circumstances for you. It is clearly mentioned in Twitch’s Services Guidelines: You may not add music to your VODs or in your streams if you don’t own it.” So, follow the Music T&C of the Twitch streaming platform to avoid any kind of breakdown.

What Happens When You Play a Copyrighted Music On Twitch?

When we come to estimate the yield of playing copyrighted music on Twitch, things get into two pieces. The first one is that if you upload a stream of Twitch on YouTube of which you don’t have a license, it can be claimed or taken down. The second thing that comes on your way will be banned for 24 hours if the owner claims their video on DMCA directly. That is why you prefer to use licensed music to play in Twitch streams so that you can make everything easy for you to prosper.

Can You Play Music on Twitch If the Content is Music-Based?

Can you play music on Twitch if the content is music-based? Most people say Yes, but it is not true. You can not stream music-based content on Twitch as it is against the terms and conditions of Twitch. In the Services Guidelines of Twitch, they clearly mentioned that the following categories are prohibited uses.

  • Radio-type music shows
  • DJ shows
  • Karaoke Performances
  • Lipsing Synchronizing Shows
  • Covers Song Performances
  • Visual Video Descriptions


The above discussion shows the answers can you play music on Twitch? What type of music can you play on Twitch, can you play copyrighted music on Twitch? And many other related questions are answered in the above discussion. With the help of this blog, you can clear every doubt about playing music on Twitch while streaming. Make sure to read it so you can understand the terms and conditions of playing music on Twitch.

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