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How Old Do You Have To Be to Stream on Twitch?

In today’s scenario, age is just a number with which you can measure the time of someone’s excellence. Would you believe that a fifteen years old boy will become a millionaire while the other are struggling with their careers hard for a long time? Well, it happens on the Twitch streaming platform, where a fifteen years old game streamer just got millions of dollars by playing his favorite game. The Twitch streaming platform has great potential for all users to earn and pursue their careers as a gamer or live streamers. You might be thinking, how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch? There are many misconceptions about that matter. To make everything clear, you need to understand everything from the beginning. It means you need to know the Twitch streaming platform, how it works, and all the other related things.

Let us start our discussion and make everything viable for us to understand.

What is The Twitch Streaming Platform?

Twitch is a streaming platform that allows users to stream live games, podcasts, or other live sessions in different categories. There are millions of users on this platform that use it daily so that they can watch their favorite streams. Conversely, there is a huge amount of content creators that uploads their content or go for live streaming on Twitch to attract the audience on it and make them their regular viewer or follower. In addition, the viewers can also talk with their favorite streamers in chat. They can also send their favorite content creators rewards to support and cheer them. In addition, there is a Twitch Partner program in which content creators can get paid through monetization.

According to the Twitch streaming platform demographics, seventy percent of users are between the ages of sixteen to thirty-five. In addition, more than two and a half million users worldwide use it, and most of them are young males.

How Old Do You Have To Be to Stream on Twitch?

Well, a straightforward answer to this question is that you need to be 13 years old to join the Twitch streaming platform. Anybody that wants to create an account on Twitch can create one if they are thirteen years old or less than thirteen. But if Twitch streaming finds that, it can be bannable action for you, and you will never be able to create an account. Twitch Terms and Conditions allow you to stream under parenteral supervision if you are thirteen years old.

There are many reasons for doing so, including the Twitch streaming platform. The biggest reason is that they don’t have many people who monitor each user and viewer what they are streaming or watching. In addition, as we spoke, most of the audience on Twitch are young people, which is why a massive amount of adult content can be inappropriate for users under thirteen to understand. To address that scenario, the Twitch streaming platform restricts the creation of accounts after 13 years.

Another reason for age restriction is that Twitch allows streamers to use any language in their streams. There is no restriction to using the word drugs in the stream. The impact of such things on underage users could be drastic. That is why you must know “how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch” and other related things.

Why is There an Age Restriction On Twitch?

When we come to talking about the reasons why there is an age restriction on Twitch, there are a couple of reasons that come on the plate to discuss. It is observed from the above discussion that there are mostly younger users on this platform. In addition, tracking each user on Twitch they are watching, and streaming is impossible. That is why they put a frame of age restriction so that things can be regulated. There are some other reasons for the age restriction on Twitch. Here are them!

Use of Adult Language

The use of adult language on Twitch is a common thing. Most famous game streamers use that language in a pressured condition while playing their games. In other circumstances, streamers use that kind of language or words in their streaming. To prevent watching such kinds of stuff to youngers, Twitch put a label “for the mature audience” on the video so that young users couldn’t watch that stream. Moreover, Twitch chat also has a lot of adult emojis that could be a strong language for the under-ages. That is why users under thirteen need their parents’ supervision while creating an account on Twitch.

Use of Drugs

The use of drugs by streamers can also be a reason for the age restriction. In addition, there is no such kind of restriction on not talking about drugs while streaming on Twitch. Moreover, as Twitch is an international streaming platform, that is why the countries or lands where the use of marijuana is legal, streamers can smoke it during their streaming because it is legal in their region. That is the reason for the scenario of “how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch?”

Violating Gaming Content

There are a lot of games on Twitch that contain shooting content that underage users can exploit. In addition, most games lie in the horror category, which can also be the reason for parents to care about their children. To support these scenarios, Twitch uses the age restriction feature and does not allow users under thirteen to create their accounts.


The end of the above discussion on “how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch” allows us to get a deep idea about the age restriction policy of the Twitch streaming platform. With the help of this feature, you can prevent your children from watching any kind of adult content and avoid any kind of impact on them. Moreover, Twitch allows you to make assure of this matter that your children do not watch adult streams by putting the label of mature content.

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