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How to Raid on Twitch?

When we discuss streaming on Twitch, so many people are joining it daily. For newbies, streaming on the Twitch platform can be a learning experience as there are multiple options there to use. In addition, when we talk about the functionalities of the Twitch streaming platform, there are outnumbers of them. Whether you are a new streamer or an experienced one. The Twitch platform allows you to use a versatile set of options for your streaming. One of the best and most productive Twitch streaming functions, Twitch Raid is at the top of the list. But, did you know what is meant by Raid on Twitch or how to raid on Twitch?

Well, it is a function in the Twitch streaming platform that allows you to shift your streamers to another streaming broadcast.

In this blog, we will give you a deep understanding of the raid function on Twitch through a strong discussion. Moreover, we will also find out how to raid people on Twitch. In addition, we will also find out how to participate in a raid on Twitch. So, let us dive into the real discussion and make everything crystal clear to understand.

What is the Twitch Raid Function?

On the Twitch streaming platform, viewers matter a lot to growing your presence on this platform. That’s why the Twitch live streaming platform allows you to shift your users to your other streaming broadcast by letting them know. In addition, this function also provides you to shift your streaming viewers to other channel’s streamers when your stream ends. This approach allows you to keep connecting your audience with you and also allows you to host someone’s other streaming with the same audience.

Many new streamers wonder why they want to share their viewers with other streamers. Well. the answer is that Twitch is a streaming platform that is community-driven and sharing viewers enables others to increase their viewer count. In addition, it also helps you to promote your and other streamers’ content easily. So, make sure to Raid your channel on Twitch.

On the other hand, many people get confused between hosting and raiding on the Twitch platform. To cater to this confusion, let us define it in the next section of our article.

Difference Between Hosting & Raid on Twitch

Many people get confused between Raid and Hosting on Twitch. For those, hosting is a process in which you host someone’s stream without your viewers. On the other hand, in the raid, your viewers also involve to stream someone’s other streaming. So, that is the main difference between raiding and hosting a stream on Twitch. Now, let us find out how to raid on Twitch so that things get easy for us to understand.

How to Raid Someone on Twitch?

As we have discussed that raiding is a process in which you transfer your stream viewers to the other’s stream when its ends. On the other hand, when we discuss how to perform it, a simple process comes out. You just have to type the command of the raid while you are streaming with your viewers. On the other hand, in the next section, we have crafted some ethics that you can use to make this process easy and convenient for your viewers.

Inform Your Viewers About Raid Before

It would be an inappropriate approach to raid others’ streaming without informing your viewers as it can reduce your view count. On the other hand, make sure to inform your viewers that you are going to raid another channel at the end of your streaming. Thai approach allows them to keep connected with you and will increase your credibility.

Start Your Raid!

To start a raid on your streaming, there are mainly two ways you can perform this action. The first one is to simply type /raid command with the username of a streamer on which you want to raid your viewers. On the other hand, the second way to raid is by using the dashboard raiding function and selecting the streamers that you want to raid with your viewers.

Despite the way you choose to raid, a common thing that will happen after it is every viewer will receive a pop-up notification. In this notification, your viewers will get all the information about the raiding channel. In addition, after 10 seconds, another notification will appear to all viewers that indicates that they are about to raid someone other’s streaming channel. Above all of this, your viewers will get a notification and also have the ability to cancel raiding. So, we can say that the Twitch streaming platform caters to its user’s preferences. On the other hand, did you know what to do if you get raided? Well, in the next section we will find it out!

What if Someone Raided You on Twitch?

Well, it is a common thing on Twitch to be raided and if this happens to you, don’t get confused. As we have discussed that Twitch is community-driven and without help from others, you can not grow. Similarly, if you get raided on Twitch, accept it by introducing yourself and your streaming game and continuing your streaming.

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How to Participate in a Raid on Twitch

Getting raided is a good thing as it allows you to get more viewers on your stream. So, if you get raided, thanks to the raider and viewers, and after that let everyone know what your streaming is about and talk about yourself.


At the end of our blog, we can answer how to raid on Twitch, how to participate in a raid on Twitch, and all the relevant questions to reading on Twitch. With the above discussion, we can estimate the value of being raided, and also get the idea of different ways to raid on a different streaming channel. So, make sure to use this function of the Twitch streaming platform so that you can get more audience and also help other streamers to grow their channels.

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