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How to Stream on Twitch?

If you are fond of gaming, then you must hear about the Twitch streaming platform that allows its users to stream to gain the interest of the audience. With millions of active users and versatility, this platform makes it one of the most amazon live-streaming platforms. Whether we talk about the ease of its users to stream or discuss the other benefits of it, Twitch is a great way to go live and tell the audience what’s in your head. In addition, we can say that Twitch is one of the kinds of social media platforms that allow users: content creators, and viewers many- benefits and ease in streaming with this platform. If you are a new streamer with little knowledge about how to stream on Twitch, this blog is completely for you.

With the help of this discussion, you will be able to learn how to stream with a PC or mobile or Xbox, or any other console. What kinds of instruments do you need in each case, and what are the precautions to stream on Twitch? Moreover, we will also discuss how to start a broadcast on this platform and many other things. You can say that this discussion is going to be a versatile one that will cover every aspect that is related to streaming on Twitch. So, let us start to explore things and make them easier for us to understand.

How To Stream On Twitch PC?

When we come to that point on how to start a stream on Twitch using a desktop, a couple of things are there that you need to know first. To start streaming from your computer or desktop, you need to install a program that will make it easy to stream. You can use OBS, Lightstream, or XSplit, or you can use other than these programs if you know. But, I will suggest you use the Lightstream application to stream as it is the most efficient and allows you to stream on any console easily. After downloading one of these applications, you can start your Twitch streaming. To start streaming using a PC or a desktop, you need to follow some steps that will lead you to perfect streaming. Here is the detail of these steps.

Gather Your Gears, Connect and Set Up Them

Streaming with a Desktop is one of the most popular options that we have nowadays. To start streaming on it, you need to set up all the hardware connected with each other to make a good one. Streaming from a desktop requires a high-speed computer CPU and a good internet connection. Make sure that you connect all the hardware with a stable network so you can keep your streaming stand out. One thing you should do before going live is run a test.

Connect With a Streaming Program and Twitch

Connect With a Streaming Program and Twitch

As we mentioned before, to stream on Twitch using a desktop or PC, you need a program to be installed on it. After downloading, connect it to your Twitch account by completing a few steps.

Connect all the Input Devices for a Perfect Streaming

If you are streaming a broadcast on Twitch, you must check your microphone, webcam, and the game that you are going to stream in case you are going to play it.

Adjust Settings For an Effective Twitch Streaming

After the above step, adjust all the settings according to your streaming. Whether it is resolution, audio bitrate, bitrate, or frame rate, adjust them all according to need and preferences.

twitch resolution setting

The above answers how to stream on Twitch using a PC or desktop. You can see how easy to stream by following the above steps. Many people also ask how to stream switch on Twitch. To know how you can start a stream using the switch on Twitch, keep reading this blog because we are going to discuss it.

How To Stream Switch on Twitch?

Steaming with the Nintendo Switch is also a popular way of streaming on Twitch. To start a stream through the switch, you need to follow a couple of steps and these are below.

  • First you need a capture card that you can buy from Amazon online shop because Nintendo Switch did not support internal linking as the advanced consoles do.

Amazon online shop

  • The second step is that you will need a Dock to tackle the Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t have the HDMI cable option that will connect to your TV.
  • Now, you need to connect it to your appropriate PC to start a stream with it.
  • If you don’t have a Twitch account, then create one and sign in to it.

creating Twitch account

  • Now you will need Elgato software that will connect Nintendo Switch to your Twitch account to start streaming.

connect Nintendo Switch to your Twitch

  • Additionally, you can also use third-party software to make your streaming more commendable.

How to Stream Twitch With PS4?

Well, streaming with PS4 is quite a simple process of streaming on Twitch. There are a few steps you need to cover in this regard.

Stream Twitch With PS4

  1. You need to set up your PS4 for Twitch streaming. In this regard, you need to ensure that the HDCP is disabled, set up the PlayStation camera, adjust the audio, and enable the chat options.
  2. Now, open the PS$ and click on the Share button and then select the Twitch streaming platform.
  3. Last but not least, check all things before going live streaming.

Here is how to stream on Twitch in multiple ways so that nothing will be missed from you. You can read this blog and can make it easy for you as it covers all the different ways in which you can stream on Twitch.


At the end of our blog on how to stream on Twitch, we can conclude that Twitch is one of the greatest ways to interact with people that love to see and hear you. Let me tell you one more important thing, if you are under 13, you can not watch or do steam on Twitch as it is against its policies. So, make sure all things that we have discussed and take its benefit to start streaming on Twitch.

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